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Groupe Westco is a New-Brunswick company based in Saint-François de Madawaska, near the Canada-U.S. border. Born from the union of poultry producers who shared a common vision for expansion, the association quickly became a success story and an example of hard work, innovation and profitability. In fact, we are well known by chambers of commerce, different levels of government and are often quoted as a model in the media. Engaged in society, we sponsor many social programs and contribute to fundraising in our community.

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Groupe Westco is one of the largest poultry farming organisations in Canada. We started with small meat-producing chicken and turkey farms and have grown to include our own hatchery, reproduction farms and transportation companies. We gained a solid understanding of the field and, a few years ago, we started thinking about expanding our business to include related and complementary activities such as:

  • Food products (table eggs, liquid eggs);
  • Recuperation (organic fertilizer production);
  • Transportation (transportation and distribution network);
  • Power (hydropower and wind power)
  • Forestry (hard wood factory, forest harvesting).

background Westco

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